ASM Capital payments are typically sent by regular mail within 7 to 10 business days of receiving an executed Purchase Agreement. Payments are normally done by check, but can be done via wire to a designated account. Expedited payments and alternate payment methods may be available upon request and are often approved. The Case Manager will work with the Selling Creditor to provide all documentation, including any and all pertinent information needed to process the claim.

If needed, ASM Capital has an in-house General Counsel, who can help Selling Creditors, or their attorneys and any other professionals, make informed decisions about properly filing their claim or even helping preserve it.

ASM Capital will then finish processing the transfer of the claim by providing the Selling Creditor with:

  1. A copy of a fully executed Purchase Agreement signed by an authorized signatory of ASM Capital;
  2. A check (or wire), representing the Purchase Price for the claim and;
  3. A copy of the Notice of Transfer filed by ASM Capital with the
    Bankruptcy Court.

ASM Capital has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in claims and provided liquidity to thousands of creditors.