1. Why has ASM Capital contacted me?
    ASM Capital is offering creditors in certain bankruptcy cases an opportunity to liquidate their bankruptcy claims for an immediate cash settlement.
  2. How did ASM Capital find me?
    The Bankruptcy court requires a Debtor to provide a list of all of its creditors to the court in a publicly available document. ASM Capital also tracks the filing of proof of claims in cases in which it is active.
  3. If I want to sell my claim to ASM Capital, what is the next step?
    In addition to a signed Purchase Agreement, ASM Capital may require supporting documentation to purchase your claim. This documentation may take the form of invoices, purchase orders, contracts, or other correspondence including a copy of your filed proof of claim.
  4. Do I need to have a Proof of Claim filed to sell my claim?
    Not necessarily. It depends on the circumstances of your claim and the case itself. ASM Capital can assist you in filing a Proof of Claim, or, if we purchase your claim, we can also file a Proof of Claim in the case on your behalf.
  5. If I sell my claim to ASM Capital, when can I expect payment?
    Generally, ASM Capital sends out checks within 7 to 10 business days of having received a signed Purchase Agreement. ASM Capital can also send its payment via a wire.
  6. Will ASM come back to me for a refund if the ultimate recovery from the bankrupt company pays less than the sales price?
    No, as long as the claim itself is not reduced or disallowed.
  7. Does ASM Capital have account information to help me reconcile the claim to my receivables records?
    No. ASM Capital is unaffiliated with the bankrupt company and is operating as a third-party purchaser.

If you have any questions about selling your claim, please contact ASM Capital

E-mail:   info@asmcapital.com

The Asm Capital Team includes experts in bankruptcy law, analysis and administration.